Workbook Honeysuckle- VI (based on NCERT textbooks)


2nd Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company




Ramachandran Shankaran




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Language lies at the heart of educational success. Cognitive thinking, learning and intellectual development depend largely on the proficiency in language. APC workbook series efficiency takes into consideration the following four language skills necessary for gaining proficiency in English expression – Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar.

The concepts and topics in the workbook series have been carefully chosen bearing in mind their practical importance to the students in their day-to-day communication.

These workbooks have been coordinated with the main coursebooks. They give sufficient practice in grammar concepts and vocabulary terms given in the main coursebooks. In addition, these workbooks also introduce the students to the art of writing and composition.

I have paid great attention to make learning of English grammar, reading, vocabulary and writing in the workbook a fun filled and creative activity. In this context sufficient exercises ranging from fill in the blanks, match the following, rearrange the jumbled words and change of speech have been used. The intention behind the workbooks is to enable the students to express themselves using the basics of English language.

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  1. Labli

    Its help full

  2. K. Selvi

    Very helpful

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