Understanding I.S.C. Computer Science (Java with Blue J) Class- XI

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Information Technology/Computer


6th Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company




Dilip Kumar Pandey, Vijay Kumar Pandey




About the book

The twenty-first century is better known as “Computer Era”. In this century, the development of Science and Technology had made phenomenal progress and made a great impact on our lives. The computer had already become indispensable in today’s world.

The books “Understanding Computer Science” Java with BlueJ have been introduced in two volumes (Std. XI & Std. XII). The introductory volume aims to provide the fundamental knowledge of computer hardware and software. Boolean algebra provides the basic idea of different types of logic circuits used in the field of computer science. It also includes the elementary concepts of Java (an object-oriented programming) language to build strong foundation in programming.

To learn simple programming skills, the concepts on functions, class and constructors have been included. As per the new curriculum, data file handling, recursion and the package have also been incorporated to develop programming skill among students.

In the second volume, the concept of OOP (Object oriented Programming) has been explained in detail along with the related programs. In the later stage, data structure, linked list, stacks and queue with computational complexity have been added.

Special care has been taken to explain the topics in lucid language. Each chapter contains adequate illustrations from simpler to complex to make the topics understandable. All the solved programs are well tested on the computer before incorporating in the textbooks.

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