The New Book of Computer Studies Class- VI


1st Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company




Dilip Kumar Pandey, Vijay Kumar Pandey




About the book

We are living in a world of Information and Technology. With the advancement of the technology, the world seems to be smaller and smaller. It is therefore, imperative that IT-based education should be an integral part of the teaching-learning process. The present education system should facilitate more of practical approach rather than theoretical approach to widen the vision of the students.

The Computer Studies textbook series has been written keeping in view the rapid growth of Information and technology in and around the World, to fulfil the need at all levels and impart the latest IT-based knowledge and skills to the students. The series has been prepared keeping in mind the learning capacity and application level of the students. The series is meant for the students from Class I to Class VIII. The salient features of the series are lucid language, easy learning, plenty of pictures, windows and adequate exercises.

Each chapter is further supplemented with diagrams and illustrations. The textbook has been prepared in a graded form to first introduce the fundamental concepts to children and then gradually build-up the knowledge of the various concepts.

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