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About the book

The Perfect Science series for middle school has been prepared to provide clarity of concepts to the students and develop their interest in the subject. After studying from these books, the students will be able to relate classroom learning with their environment and understand phenomena with ease.

The Teacher’s Manual has been prepared to provide model solutions to all the questions given in the book and also additional resources to enhance the teaching process.

The salient features of the manual are:

  • Pre-requisite knowledge and learning outcomes which describe what a student should know prior to the lesson and what a student will be expected to learn by the end of the chapter. These sections will help teachers prepare lesson plans.
  • Detailed answers have been provided for each questions (including HOTS) given within the chapters.
  • A comprehensive list of activities has been provided for each chapter. These activities include demonstrations, out-of-classroom activities and laboratory experiments. These will help teachers make the learning process more engaging and fun.
  • Every chapter includes a crossword puzzle that the teacher can give to students. The puzzle will help students recapitulate the important concepts and terms.

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