Question Bank in Geography Class-XII (CBSE), Term-II


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This book has been created according to the latest assessment pattern announced by the CBSE. My teaching experience of 25 years makes me feel happy and satisfied that this pattern of assessment tests the comprehension level of the students and their ability to express what they have learnt and understood. The aim of education is to ensure that the journey of learning should culminate in the manner that the child is able to express what he has learnt in a confident and joyous manner. The assessment pattern of Term 2 resonates that thought. However this pattern of assessment requires thorough study of the curriculum as well as the ability to express, apply and analyse what one has learnt.

This has been my fundamental thought while creating this book for the young learners. I want to facilitate their preparation process so that they are ready to take the CBSE Term exam with confidence and zeal. This book provides you with the mind map of each chapter along with important notes for the crucial last minute revision. It provides rich question bank encompassing multifaceted questions as given in the latest sample paper issued by the CBSE. All the questions have been answered in simple and easy language in the required word limit. It also includes the analytical, application based questions and exercises.


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