Practicals in Informatics Practices (Code-065) Class-XII


Dilip Kumar Pandey, Vijay Kumar Pandey


1st Edtion

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Avichal Publishing Company

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About the book

We feel honoured to introduce the book Practicals in Informatics Practices for class XII to fulfill the need of students in CBSE curriculum.

This book serves as one of the components of the textbook containing adequate exercises including practical session. It introduces with the creating, accessing and performing various operations on series which is followed by DataFrames using Pandas. Further, you will work out with various ways of data visualisation using Pyplot where, various graphs such as line graph, bar graph, histogram, pie chart, etc. will be plotted based on available data. Thereafter, you will exercise on importing/exporting data between CSV files/MySQL and DataFrames. It mainly concentrates on lab oriented exercises based on Series and DataFrames that should be done during the lab periods.

The next unit deals with structured Query Language that covers MySQL functions (String, Numeric , Date and Time) to perform various tasks on MySQL platform followed by SQL queries. At last, it covers the various questions related to SQL joins and set operations.

The main objective to present this practical book is to enhance your understanding through learning the essential concepts in Pandas and SQL by doing. However, this book will not be the substitute of the textbook rather it will serve as a supplement of practical approach in Informatics Practices.

A special care has been taken to include all the questions in various chapters.

In spite of our strenuous efforts, errors may remain in one form or the other. Students and the readers are requested to bring the same to our knowledge. We have tried our level best to give out of our knowledge to fulfill the need of the students.

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