Practical Physics ICSE Class- IX

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The study of the subject of science in general and Physics in particular is incomplete and at times bring unless the student is exposed to the fascinations of the subject in an achievement outside the four walls of the classroom One of the ways is to take the students to laboratory and demonstrate the various concepts or facts through set o activities and experiments Other is to give them an opportunity and freedom to work in the laboratory on certain well-designed experiments

At times, the students feel lost in the laboratory in the basic guidelines or start meddling with the equipment aimlessly and become prone to injury. They may also cause damage to the equipment It is quite likely that they lose interest in the subject completely. In view of the aforesaid and difficulties faced by students in the laboratory, an attempt has been made in the book to give them required material and necessary guidelines on the experiments prescribed by the ICSE Board.

The book has been written strictly according to the latest Syllabus provided by the ICSE.

Salient Features of the book are:

  • Lucid and simple language.
  • Well-drawn labelled illustrations, minimum required theory (explaining the concepts, definitions , principles, laws and relationships) and observation tables for recording.
  • Lucidly drawn graphs establishing relationships between physical quantities for thorough understanding of matter and computing the required quantities.
  • Apart from standard experiments in the syllabus required to be performed, a number of similar experiments likely too be asked in the exams.


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