Perfect Art Education Class- IX


2nd Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company




Gautam Roy, Reeta Roy




About the book

Creativity is not a domain of the selected few. All of us are creative to some degree, though some are more creative than others in a particular area such as music, dance, fine arts, literature or any other discipline. One can be creative in anything one does. Pablo Picasso has rightly said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Perfect Art Education has been developed and designed as per the CBSE syllabus for the students of Classes IX and X. the books do not boast of bringing out perfection in one’s art form, however they will try to keep alive the artist in you even when you grow up. There is no right or wrong in creative work because it is an individualistic expression of thought or idea. The total impact one brings to one’s work should be pleasing to the eye and awe-inspiring.

The three-letter word ‘ART’ takes us to the world of colours, textures, patterns and forms harmoniously blended into a design. The books are a sincere and honest endeavor to open up new vistas of artistic expressions in the fields of colours, paper, clay and other materials. Different aspects of art such as experimenting with colour pencils, pastel colours, water colours, collage making, paper tearing, clay-modelling, papier mache, paper-quilling, paper sculpture, stone sculpture, computer graphics and many more related areas of interest have been included. Even teachers and parents will find the books interesting. The various aspects of art discussed will encourage them to forget their inhibitions and create an environment that stimulates creativity.

With a clear concept of line and form, proportion and perspective, light and shades and colour harmony, students will find learning art a fun-filled creative activity. The books are not a step-by-step instruction guide for learning art. However, necessary instructions have been given wherever required that will give them the confidence to take a dive, deep into the world of colours and colourful activities.

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