History Our Pasts- III, Class- VIII

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About the book

This is an integrated social science series for class 8. It conforms to the new NCERT syllabus and adheres to the guidelines of National Curriculum Framework (NCF).

Main Features of the Series

  • Written in a simple language with an integrated thematic approach to make learning of the key concepts easier.
  • Rich illustrations and detailed maps are the highlight of the book.
  • Key words as Important terms are given at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Extensive Case Studies included to help the children understand the topics better.
  • Summary of the Lesson has been given for quick recapitulation.
  • Exercises and activities are the important features of the series.
  • Exercises include MCQs, True-False, Long and Short questions, Projects and Activities.
  • More tasks have been given in each section of the book which include Projects, Activities, Assignment, Map Work, PowerPoint Presentation, Surveys, Interviews, Debate and Discussion, Creative Writing, Picture-based questions, etc.
  • Two Model Test Papers have been given to help students in preparing for examinations.
  • Value-based Questions given in each chapter highlight the life skills and co-scholastic abilities of the children.
  • HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) question, a regular feature, given to enhance reasoning ability.
  • Interesting Facts given as a box matter highlight interesting incidences and facts.

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