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This book titled Information Technology (Code 402) for Class X has been written strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. The purpose of the course is to take forward the initiative taken in class IX to help the students develop creative and innovative skills so that they can keep pace with the rapidly growing technology. The course also aims at encouraging students to further develop soft skills like effective communication, self-management and self-reliance so that they are ready for any kind of Challenge while including sustainable development in their stride.

Salient Features of the book are:

  • As per the curriculum, the book comprises two parts: Part A (Employability Skills) and Part B (Specific Skills).
  • Each part is divided into units which further comprises different sessions.
  • Each sessions is accompanied by solved and unsolved exercises comprising very short answer, short answer , long answer and application-based questions.
  • To practically implement the learned concepts, several activities have been included at the end of each session which involve hands-on experience, classroom events and social interaction.
  • An effort has been made to demonstrate the execution of the features of MS word by including actual screenshots relative to the steps involved.
  • The language used in the book has been kept simple and real-life examples have been included wherever possible.
  • Two practice papers for self-evaluation have been included in the book at the end. They have been designed keeping in mind the latest pattern and marking scheme prescribed by the CBSE.
  • Following is the unit-wise distribution of the content :

Part A: Employability Skills-II – This part includes five units that are an extension of what has been learnt in class IX and focus on the further development of personal and social qualities.

  1. Unit 1 is about the pros and cons of different types of communication, importance and types of feedback, principles and 7cs of communication, overcoming the barriers in communication and ways to make written communication effective.
  2. Unit 2 highlights self-management techniques and the importance of being self-reliant.
  3. Unit 3 is an overview of different types of operating systems and also describes the basics of computer maintenance.
  4. Unit 4 lists the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, his/her relationship with the society, the myths related to entrepreneurship and the functions of an entrepreneur.
  5. Unit 5 explains the origin of the concept and need for sustainable development (SD), the SD goals, the obstacles in the path of sustainable development and steps towards attaining SD.

Part B: Specific Skills – This part contains four units. For the first three units, MS office 2019 on windows 10 platform has been used. The fourth unit is about web applications and security over the internet and at the workplace. The units are as described below:

  1.  Unit 1 is about digital documentation which uses MS word to describe the use of styles and images. It also discusses how to create and use templates, table of contents, mail merge and printing of labels.
  2. Unit 2 explains the use of What-if Analysis tools in an electronic spreadsheet using MS Excel, sharing workbooks and linking data across workbooks, creating and using macros.
  3. Unit 3 introduces the concepts of database and elaborates the use of relational databases using MS access further explaining the objects of the database like Tables, Queries, forms and reports.
  4. Unit 4 extensively discusses the concepts related to web applications like blogging, e-commerce and instant messaging. It also explains the access features that would make computer usage easier especially for people with physical constraints. Web security issues and workplace hazards have also been discussed and their preventive measures have also been elucidated.


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