ICSE Understanding History and Civics- VIII


5th Edition

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Social Sciences provide an insight into the world’s diversity and help resolve many conflicting issues. They provide skills of comprehension that are fundamental to any activity and also a path to understand the society and the world in which we live. History and Civics both form an important part of Social Sciences.

This book has been prepared strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed (23rd November. 2016) by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

The arrangement of topics and the coverage of course content is systematic as well as according to the syllabus. We have tried to make the book more useful to the young readers to the best of our ability. The book has been illustrated with maps, charts and photographs to make it both helpful and interesting as well as to develop in the young brains the habit of analyzing and interpreting things.

The subject matter has been written with a view to develop in the young children the understanding of those aspects of the past which are crucial to understand present day global world as well as to make them responsible civic citizens in a secular democracy.

Summary is given at the end of each chapter, giving important points that may help the young minds to recapitulate and refresh the subject matter at a glance. Important terms will not only facilitate the understanding of the topic but will also enrich their vocabulary, which will be very useful for them in future.

Map work and activities at the end of each chapter are given with the purpose of involving the students more and more in the study of the relevant topic. Long and short answer questions as well as objective questions given in the exercises will be very helpful in testing their understanding of the subject.

Dates are important for the systematic and chronological study of History. At times, there are different views of historians about the exact date of some very important events. We have followed the views of prominent historians, which appeared to be the most acceptable.

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