ICSE Syllabus Perfect 10+1, Sample Papers Computer Applications, Class-X


Dilip Kumar Dey, Vijay Kumar Pandey


1st Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company






About the book

With the aim of taking further success of our ICSE textbooks, Understanding Computer Applications with BlueJ, we take immense pleasure while representing ‘Perfect 10+1 Sample Papers’ for ICSE Computer Applications Class X. The book is written in complete accordance with the latest pattern and the syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate examinations, New Delhi for Class X.

As per the new pattern of ICSE Specimen Paper 2024 Examination, this book contains 10 Solved sample papers and 1 practice paper (Solved). All these papers include picture-based questions, assertion and reason type questions, case study based questions, multiple choice questions (MCQs) along with short objective questions and Java programming questions. Every Sample Paper as well as Practice Paper have been designed keeping in view to give an insight to the new pattern of question paper prescribed by the council. The programming techniques and logics are simple and based on Scanner Class. All the solved programs are executed on BlueJ Platform.

The students are advised to attempt solved sample papers independently and analyse the answers with the model solutions. It will help to develop self-confidence as well as evaluating one-self.

In addition, two Model Test Papers (Unsolved) have been designed with reference to solved papers. Practicing these papers will further enable the students to build their confidence and the time management for the completion of the question paper accordngly.

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  1. YASH

    best book for class 10

  2. Aloke Atarthi

    Excellant book.

  3. Aejaz ahamed


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