ICSE Enrich Your Computer Studies with AI and Coding in JAVA, Class-8


Dilip Kumar Dey, Vijay Kumar Pandey


1st Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company

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About the book

We are living in a world of technology and innovation where AI based education becomes an integral part of the teaching-learning process. Further, with the rise of automation, Artificial Intelligence has been introduced in the series ICSE Enrich your Computer Studies (Class 1 to 8) in the graded form to make new generation more creative and innovative. The main objective to incorporate Artificial Intelligence is to keep pace with the global developments. It will further help the present education system to encourage practical-based learning to widen the vision of the students.

ICSE Enrich your Computer Studies series adhere to the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the NCF 2023. The series has been improved with Windows 10 and MS Office 2016. The series is written in a simple and lucid language that will enable the students to develop new skills through windows-based screenshots, diagrams and illustrations. These skills include problem solving, inquiry, flexibility, collaboration, creativity, systematic thinking and technological literacy. The books for classes 1 & 2 have been developed in a child-friendly manner by including clip arts and cartoons.

The series also contains different programming languages at various levels that will help the students develop coding skills using age-appropriate software. It is grouped as:

Classes 3-4: MSW Logo

Classes 5-6: QBASIC and Scratch

Classes 7-8: Java Programming with BlueJ

key features:

  • Learning Scope highlights the topics of the chapter before the actual explaining begins.
  • Knowledge corner/ Do You Know provides important and interesting facts related to the topics.
  • Chapter at a Glance has been provided at the end of each chapter for easy recall of important terms and concepts learnt in the chapter.
  • Each chapter is followed by the Exercises that include objective Type/Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Assertion and Reason Type Questions, Case Study based questions and subjective questions.
  • Activities and In the Computer Lab included at the end of each chapter helps in learning through experience.
  • Latest Technologies in the field of computers, like Java, Scratch, HTML, Artificial Intelligence, App Development, LibreOffice etc.
  • 21st Century Skills: Activities nurturing 21st Century skills to empower students.



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