Basic Financial Management, B.Com Part-II, Sem-III, Delhi University


D.K. Goel, Shelly Goel


7th Edition

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About the book

We have great pleasure in presenting the thoroughly revised and enlarged edition of our book “BASIC FINANCIAL MANEGMENT’. The book has been prepared according to the new syllabus of BCom. Discipline Specific Course BC: DSC 3.2 Semester 3 prescribed by Delhi University. There is also a separate edition of the book catering to the needs of BCom. (Hons), B.B.A and C.A students.

This book is an outcome of a long period of teaching the subject and is prepared with a desire to introduce the subject with clarity and in a logical sequence. The book has several unique features which make it distinct from other available books on the subject.

Some of the special features of the book are:

  1. A number of illustrations have been given in various practical chapters based on the Examination question papers of Delhi University and these have been solved in such a simple manner that students can easily understand them.
  2. Practical questions given at the end of each chapter are strictly in the serial order of the illustrations. Answers and hints to solve the questions have been given at the end of each question. We are very much confident that after doing the illustrations, students can themselves solve the practical question independently.
  3. The book contains a large number of theoretical as well as practical questions at the end of various chapters, so that students may test their understanding of the subject.
  4. Latest question papers of Financial Management of Delhi University along with their answers have been given at the end of the book.
  5. Accuracy is one of the main features of the book.


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  1. Anuj Kumar Thakur

    Best book

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