APC Mentor in Psychology (In Question-Answer Form) Class-XI

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1st Edition

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Dr. Rajshree Tewari

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About the book

The book APC Mentor in Psychology for Class XI (In Question-Answer Form) has been conceptualised keeping in mind the requirements of students for their examinations. Since Psychology is the scientific study for mental processes, experiences and behaviours, it requires sincerely motivated study and simplified guidance. This book is an attempt to make the subject more manageable and enjoyable while simultaneously helping students to score more marks.

Structured as per the latest CBSE syllabus, this book lays emphasis on familiarizing you with the basic concepts of Psychology. The first three chapters provide an introduction about what psychology. The first three chapters provide an introduction about what psychology is, how to study it and how heredity and culture influence it. Chapters four and five deal with the various developmental stages and our sensory-perceptual processes whrereas the last four chapters elaborate on how we learn, remember and think as well as try to unravel our emotional world. All the nine chapters have been designed for easy understanding and better recapitulation of the subject.

The salient features of this book are as follows:

  • Each chapter of the standard XIth curriculum has been extensively covered in the book and begins with a brief summary of the concepts covered in the chapter.
  • A sincere attempt has been made to write the subject matter in simple and easy-to-understand language. Bookish hyperbole has been consciously avoided.
  • After the summary, a section on questions from the NCERT textbook has been provided along with their answers. Thereafter, an exhaustive list of questions and answers has been prepared according to the pattern of the question paper in the examinations.
  • Important points have been given under ‘Points at a Glance’ at the end of each chapter to facilitate recapitulation.
  • Solutions to two Sample Papers (I and II) have been provided to aid students in their preparaion for the exams.
  • Three unsolved Sample Papers have also been given to offer ample practice to students.

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  1. Nirbhay sharma

    Very nice

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