Workbook Social and Political Life-I (Civics) Class- VI (based on NCERT textbooks)

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This series of Workbooks has been framed on the basis of the syllabus of Social Studies books for Class VI by NCERT. It is in response to the evergrowing need for making Social Science such a subject which the students find interesting as well as challenging, that we decided to produce this work. These books will not only help the students to understand the topics/subjects better but also inculcate the desire in them to know more about the same.

The exercises in each chapter, after the lesson summary, are designed to guide the students in learning the techniques of understanding, applying and answering questions of the discussed chapters with ease. Extensive practice questions in the form of Multiple-choice questions, Fill in the blanks, Match the columns, State True or False, Name the following, Define the following, Answer in brief, Answer in detail and Map exercises have been included in order to facilitate sufficient revision and practice on the basis of understanding of the chapters.


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