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As is always the case, students at this level need practice materials. The practice material should be framed in such a way that it helps students to recapitulate what they have studied. It is also very well understood that writing practice helps students retain what they have studied. Keeping this is mind, Workbook Science has been prepared to help and guide students to achieve their goal.

Workbook Science is completely based on Science Textbook prepared by NCERT and follows the latest syllabus and guidelines issued by the CBSE. The questions are designed chapter-wise to assess the students and provide them the technique for solving problems independently. The questions are well-graded so that students can develop self-confidence. The Key Concepts of the lessons are given in a simple and lucid language to make the topics easier to understand and recapitulate the topics before attempting questions for practice.

This workbook is to be used as a practice book as it contains all types of questions i.e, Very short answer (MCQs and one word type questions), Short answer, Long answer and Assertion-Reason-questions from each chapter that are important for preparation of examinations.

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