Understanding ICSE Geography Class- VIII

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Understanding ICSE Geography is a series of Geography books for classes 6, 7 and 8 based on the latest syllabus of ICSE. Geography is the study of the Earth. The books are aimed to introduce the students to their home planet earth, make them aware about different aspects of the Earth and sensitise them to the fact that it is among their utmost responsibilities to take care of their Earth since their own survival is directly dependent on its sustenance.

These are books ‘with a difference’. Earth chapter starts with a quotation/poem to give the learner an essence of the forthcoming topic. The Learning Objectives are mentioned at the start of the chapter to familiarise the students with the sub topics to be learnt in the chapter. To make learning more interesting and relevant, the latest anecdotes/events at the global level have also been mentioned in the boxes titled ‘Geopedia.’ The content of the Geopedia may not be tested. A liberal dose of colourful photographs, images, maps and slogans relating to the topics is used to enhance the visual appeal and create interest of the students.

Text is divided into proper headings and subheadings. All keywords and definitions are given bold in colour. All similarities and differences are given in Tables. Flowcharts are used to show flow of events. Such graphics are used, which not only enhance the beauty of the pages but also help in explaining the text. Lots of useful activities are given throughout the book. Chapter summary is given as Rewind and all the new words used have been explained in the New Terms at the end of the chapter.

Interactive, creative Exercises have been formulated as ‘Scratch Your Brains’. Along with direct questions, they also cover objective type questions like MCQs, Correct the incorrect statements, Match the columns, Fill in the blanks and activity based questions like crosswords and word maze, map skills, picture based questions. I DO……I LEARN takes the child beyond the classroom teaching by suggesting number of interesting activities related to the topic.

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  1. Sudha

    It gives a lot of information

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