ICSE Understanding Computer Applications with Blue J Class- IX

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8th Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company




Dilip Kumar Pandey, Vijay Kumar Pandey




About the book

The book “Understanding Computer Applications with BlueJ” for Class IX has been prepared keeping in mind the requirements of beginners as well as those who have a keen desire to study programming in Java with BlueJ.

Starting with an introductory chapter, the book covers all the features of Java Programming as prescribed by ICSE. An easy to learn approach has been adopted throughout the book. Special efforts have been put in to devise the content comprehensive, concise and practical. Simple and lucid language has been used to avoid any confusion in programming.

The book UNDERSATNDING COMPUTER APPLICATIONS WITH BLUEJ contains a number of special features:

  • The topics are explained in simple English and in a systematic way so that the students can understand easily.
  • The book offers basic and comprehensive knowledge of the subject, which clearly reflects true workmanship of the authors.
  • The book is extremely well written with excellent presentation.
  • The illustrations of the book make the entire text matter interesting and come alive.
  • Each chapter contains a number of review questions and exercises which are carefully designed to provide an insight into the subject.
  • The programming examples have been tested on the computer.

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3 reviews for ICSE Understanding Computer Applications with Blue J Class- IX

  1. Rakhi

    It was ok

  2. Vasunthra

    Very nice book easy to learn

  3. nisarga


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