The New Book of Social Science ,Class-VII


B.B. Tayal


4th Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company

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Class 7

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Social Science (History, Civics, Geography)






About the book

This Series ‘The New Book of Social Science’ for classes 6,7 and 8 has been revised to achieve the goals of NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2020 by developing the content on the five basic principles of NEP-Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability and Accountability. The series follows the redesigned syllabus of NCERT.

The main objectives of the series are to:

  • Make the learning process more holistic, joyful, and stress-free which can continue lifelong.
  • Develop critical thinking, discovery, inquiry, discussion and analytical-based holistic learning.
  • Enhance the understanding of the core concepts to inculcate the habit of a multidisciplinary learning approach, based on practical learning.

The Salient features of the book are:

  • Attractive and creative picture-based opening for each chapter to introduce the topic.
  • A good number of photos and designs to generate interest and break the monotony. Along with numerous maps of large size to develop the locational  associations for the socio-political and historical events.
  • Keywords or new terms along with the Word Origin in each chapter to develop the vocabulary and quick revision.
  • The summary in each chapter to rewind the topic studied.
  • Multiple In-text questions do check the attention of the students and help them in recalling previously studied concepts.
  • Information enrichment through Info Byte and Do You Know boxes to extend their knowledge beyond the curriculum.
  • In-text practical activities and the exercise for hands-on experience added in all chapters.
  • Large variety of questions like MCQs, fill in the blanks Short answer type, Long answer type, Differentiating, and Table matching in the traditional evaluation section.
  • Excerpt/Case study based questions to check and evaluate the comprehension ability of the students
  • Picture-based questions to enhance visual attention during the learning process and check the recall capability
  • Assertion-Reason type questions to develop thinking and analytical approach while establishing the interlinked, multidisciplinary practice
  • Inclusion of Value-Based and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) based questions to enhance the logical and reasoning ability of the students
  • Variety of questions for complete and holistic assessment of the child’s potential and level of understanding like-Crossword puzzles, Ordering-based exercise, Projects, Debates, Group Discussions, Role Play, Recitation, PPT Presentations and Picture Books
  • Two Test Papers in each section of History, Geography and Social and Political life sections to assist the teacher and student both in the assessment


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