The New Book of Science, Class-4


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About the book

The New Book of Science is a series of Science books for primary classes.

Science is an interesting subject which uses the methods of experimentation and observation for gaining knowledge. This series has adopted the same approach in explaining the concepts. The books stress more on concept building rather than on mere rote learning. Each book is enriched with attractive illustrations and appropriate examples.

salient features of the series are:

  • The 21st century skills comprise of learning skills, literacy skills and life skills which are duly incorporated in the series. SDGs and Art Integration have also been added in it.
  • Lets begin assess the remembering capability of the learners and to get them into a receptive state of mind to engross further knowledge.
  • Lets think enables the learners to apply different concepts that they have gained through the chapter. activity after important topic gives hands-on experience and inculcates the skills of observation, analysis, organization and data collection among students. Through such activities, we hope to promote the concept of experimental learning amongst the students.
  • Know more in between the chapters makes students aware about the interesting facts beyond the textbook.
  • Keywords provide definition of important words used in the chapter.
  • Let us share after important topics assesses understanding and remembering abilities of the learners through objective and subjective types questions.
  • Summary at the end of each chapter provides quick recapitulation of the chapter.
  • Answer Time at the end of each chapter include a variety of objective and subjective type of questions. This enables the teachers to assess understanding, remembering and application level of the students.
  • Picture-based questions of the exercise section build-up visual interpretation skills in the students.
  • Think and Answer includes application based questions that motivate students to think critically beyond the realms of the syllabus.
  • Learning for life encourages the students to develop a feeling of belongingness towards the world around them. It includes tasks that focus on problem-solving, decision-making, communication and collaborative skills of the students.
  • Fun time includes that assess recalling abilities of the students in joyous way.
  • A 360 degree Holistic Progress card based on the guidelines of the New Education Policy has been added in this series. Suggestions for the improvement of the series will be gratefully acknowledged.


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