The New Book of English Grammar and Composition Class-1


1st Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company




Mrs Kamaljeet Yadav, Mrs Meeta Rai




About the book

Features of the Series

  • Let’s Link It presents warm-up activities based on previous knowledge, observation skills and connecting skills.
  • Let’s Understand explains the concepts with simple and precise definitions, substantiated with ample examples.
  • Watch Out explains exceptions to the rules.
  • Let’s Recall sums up the concepts.
  • Let’s Practise are revision exercises of the concepts covered in the chapter.
  • Checkpoints are revision exercises after every four to five chapters.
  • Literary Corner covers all aspects of 21st Century Skills: Learning Skills, Life Skills and Literary Skills through reading, vocabulary, speaking and writing.
  • 360 Holistic Progress Card to facilitate self assessment, peer assessment, parents’ assessment and teacher’s assessment.

Additional Features

Reading Corner has two sections. Reading for Comprehension encourages students to be expressive and tests their grasp of the language. Reading for Inference encourages critical thinking skills. The passages in this section cover a wide variety of authentic and diverse material on interesting themes too encourage them to locate, understand and reflect on various kinds of information available around us.

Vocabulary Corner covers everyday usage of words.

Speaking Corner covers all aspects of real-life speaking situations.

Writing Corner covers all the facets of writing leading up to the board examination.

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  1. Bishwarup Banerjee

    The best I have ever seen

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