The New Book of Computer Studies- 5


1st Edition

Published By

Avichal Publishing Company




Dilip Kumar Pandey, Vijay Kumar Pandey




About the book

We are living in a world of Information and Technology. Therefore, it is imperative that IT-based education should be an integral part of the teaching learning process. The present education system also encourages practical-based learning to widen the vision of the students.

The Computer Studies textbooks series has been written in such a manner that the latest IT-based knowledge and practical skills can be imparted to students at all levels. The series has been upgraded with Windows 10 and MS-Office 2016.

The series has been written in a simple and lucid language and has plenty of pictures, window-based screenshots, diagrams and illustrations along with adequate exercises. The books are for Classes 1 and 2 have been developed in a child-friendly manner by including clip arts and cartoons.

The series has been prepared in a graded form to introduce the fundamental concepts to children first and then gradually build-up the knowledge of the various concepts.

A painting software, ‘Tux Paint’ has been included in the books for Classes 3 and 4 to develop children’s imagination skills. The interface of Tux Paint is child-friendly and very engaging. The series also contains different programming languages for Classes 3 to 5 which will help to build the problem-solving skills of children. ‘LOGO’ has been introduced in Class 3 and further explained in Class 4 and ‘QBASIC’ has been introduced in Class 5.

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