Textbook of Informatics Practices (Code 065)- XI


Dilip Kumar Pandey, Vijay Kumar Pandey


1st Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company






About the book

The book, Textbook of Informatics Practices for class XI (065) has a number of special features. Some of them are mentioned as under:

  • It aims at providing an in-depth understanding of the CBSE
  • It focuses on teaching Python language to help students learn programming concepts and develop problem solving skills and RDBMS operations.
  • The contents of each chapter are consolidated under In this chapter that will guide the readers to know all about each chapter before they go into the details.
  • In includes numerous easy-to-understand solved programs, flowcharts, self-explanatory diagrams and other tools.
  • Each chapter contains adequate illustrations so the students can get in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • The syntax and keywords used in each chapter are highlighted throughout in the discussion to make the book more comprehensive.
  • The definitions and important concepts have been presented separately through definition boxes, Note boxes and Just to Know boxes respectively.
  • Each chapter consists tested, debugged and error-free codes with screenshots.
  • Each chapter contains Chapter at a Glance for easy recall of important terms and concepts.
  • End of the chapter contains Multiple Choice Questions, Assertion-Reason questions, Case Based questions, conceptual questions, short answer type questions and programming practice questions.

The book is and amalgamation of description of theories, mathematical deduction and pictorial depiction with diagrams and exercises for practicing.

In short, the book is a through explanation of the fundamentals of Python for the students.

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