Textbook of Geography Class-XI

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3rd Edition

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About the book

The book “Textbook of Geography”, for class-XI , has been written, in accordance with the syllabus prepared by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, and the National council of Education Research and Training, New Delhi.

The book is divided into three parts- Part A: Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Part B: India-Physical Environment, and Part C: Practical Geography.

Every chapter contains concerned maps, diagrams and updated tables for good comprehension of the given subject matter. The selection of questions includes MCQs, Very Short Answer Type questions, Short Answer Type questions, Eassy Type Questions, and Map Based Questions.

An attempt has been made to present the matter in very simple language and lucid style. We thus hope that our efforts shall find favour both with the teachers as well as the students. Useful suggestions and constructive criticism for the improvement of the book will be welcomed and thankfully acknowledge.

We also feel indebted to our family members and all our friends who have been tremendous support in writing this book. We offer our gratitude to Mr. Naveen Gupta of M/s Avichal Publishing Company for giving us an opportunity to write this book, and for the effort taken by him to publish the book in a good format.


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