Textbook of Computer Science with Python Class- XI

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2nd Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company




Dilip Kumar Pandey, Vijay Kumar Pandey




About the book

The twenty-first century is better known as Computer Era. During this century, the powerful programming languages have been developed to provide an effective support for creating software.

We feel honoured to introduce the books, Textbook of Computer Science with PYTHON, in two parts separately for Classes XI and XII to fulfill the needs of students in CBSE curriculum.

Strictly adhering to the CBSE curriculum for Computer Science (083) for Class XI, the book has been divided into three units:

Unit 1: Computer System and Organisation (Chapters 1 to 4)

It covers the basic organization of the computer system. It also includes the fundamental concept of Boolean logic and gates.

Unit 2: Computational Thinking and Programming-1 (Chapters 5 to 14)

It introduces Programming and Computational Thinking (PCT). It mainly concentrates on Phython language which includes fundamentals, decision making codes, iterative constructs, strings, lists, etc.

Unit 3: Society, Law and Ethics (Chapters 15 to 16)

It basically deals with general awareness of the society where the students can play vital roles to shape themselves. It includes ethics, cyber safety, social networks, awareness of accessing websites, cybercrimes viz. bullying, phishing, identity theft, etc. At last, it concentrates on gender and disability issues while teaching and using computers.

A special care has been taken to explain the topics in lucid language. Each chapter contains adequate illustrations from simple to complex to make the topics easier. All the solved Python codes are well tested on the computer before incorporating in the textbook.

In spite of our strenuous efforts, errors may remain in one form or the other. Students and the readers are requested to bring the same to our knowledge. We have tried our level best to give out of our knowledge to fulfil the need of the students.

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3 reviews for Textbook of Computer Science with Python Class- XI

  1. Pranab Kumar Datta

    Very good book for class 11th

  2. Sadaf nihal

    Amazing book . All important kye point and questions are there in this book .. special thanks to the writers

  3. Mahima Yadav


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