Statistics for Economics Class- XI


7th Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company


978- 81-7855-820-2


N.M. Shah, Shalini Kapoor




About the book

Statistics has become an anchor for social, economic and scientific studies, Statistical methods are widely used in several disciplines, be it planning, business, management, psephology (study of voting pattern), psychology or advertising, Research and industry, equally employ the tools of the statistician, making statistics one of the core disciplines in our times.

Introduction to Statistics is a volume that has been prepared for students of class XI, as per the latest syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, for the Senior School Certificate Examination. Every effort has been made to present in a clear and exhaustive manner, the ingredients of the course. A combination of theoretical grouping and easy presentation with practical illustrations have been provided, keeping in mind the level of understanding of an average student. Since statistical methods can be mastered only through practice, a sufficient number of illustrations, diagrams, graphs are given with explanation of steps. A list of formulae has been provided at the end of each chapter of unit 3 and selected exercise provided for practice and revision. Long years of teaching this subject and feedback from students have gone into the making of this volume. It is hoped that it meets the needs of the students and further suggestions from both teachers and students are welcome.

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