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The present book ‘Secondary Mathematics’ has been written for the student of class IX studying in schools affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi keeping in mind all the objectives of teaching mathematics required in the syllabus.

Entire syllabus has been divided into 15 chapters. Chapter 1 deals in Number systems and polynomials are discussed in Chapter 2. Coordinate Geometry is introduced for the first time to the students and it is explained in Chapter 3 Followed by Linear equations in two variables and their graphs in Chapter 4.Geometry is discussed thoroughly in chapter 5 to 11. Mensuration is explained in chapter 12 and 13 while statistics and probability finds its place in chapters 14 and 15.

Due considerations have been given to the needs of different types of students. Efforts have been made to clear and identify the basic concepts with sufficient examples. All possible types of examples suitable for the students of class IX have been solved in adequate numbers which are followed by graded questions in the exercises.

History of Euclid’s Geometry has been explained in a simple language so that the students don’t find any difficulty in its understanding. Proofs of some theorems have been given whereas others have been verified to motivate the students as per requirements of the syllabus Simple riders based directly on the theorems have been given. Analysis of the validity of geometrical constructions is also given. Multiple choice questions have been included in the exercises. The subject matter is arranged in such a way that the students will enjoy while reading the book.

Evaluation is an important as learning. Keeping in mind this simple fact, self assessment test are given to enable the students to test themselves. With our long teaching and writing experience, we earnestly hope that the book in its present form will meet all requirements of the teachers and taught for whom it has been written.

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