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The Science Carnival series is developed for pupils who go to CBSE-affiliated schools to help them achieve the learning outcomes of the latest national curriculum.

Adopting the Inquiry-based learning approach. Science Carnival uses engaging visuals and presentation formats with will-crafted activities to arouse pupils’ Curiosity about the world around them. Starting with exploratory questions. Science Carnival spurs them to investigate a problem or idea that involves asking questions, collecting and analysing information, generating solutions, making decisions, justifying conclusions and taking action. This motivates pupils to understand key scientific concepts and encourage a spirit of inquiry.

Each chapter comprises several exercises that focus on scientific process skills (such as observing, comparing, classifying, inferring, measuring, communicating and predicting), reasoning skills and critical thinking skills to help pupils develop scientific knowledge and critical thinking abilities. They come in the form of Multiple-Choice Questions, Higher-Order Thinking Skills and Value-Based Questions, provided at the end of each lesson. The Checkpoints and Practice Tests allow for continual evaluation of pupils’ understanding of concepts. These outcome-based exercises aim to test their understanding and application of Scientific concepts and related skills to solve real life problems.

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