Practice Questions in Mathematics-VI (With Model Test Papers)

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About the book

‘To learn to learn’ is the essence of teaching and learning process. It is also the ‘mantra’ to achieve perfection in all spheres of life, especially mathematics. Besides academics, for teaching of a concept in a classroom, the skills must be sharpened to make the understanding last forever. That is where the “Practice Questions in Mathematics” for students of class VI comes in. It is meant to be a tool for students who wish to excel in the subject.

My endeavour has been to reach out to every student. That is why the exercises have questions of increasing difficulty level staring from very straight forward to the questions for the bright ones.

The Salient features of this book are:

  • Concept in brief where important concepts, rules and formulae have been revised briefly.
  • Exercises provide a variety of questions in order of increasing difficulty level keeping in the new NCERT syllabus in mind.
  • Multiple Choice Questions of MCQs to sharpen the skill of choosing the correct answer.
  • Aiming for the Stars meant for students aspiring to do more than what classroom teaching offers and aim higher.

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  1. Pramod Jaiswal

    Very good

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