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About the book

CBSE has a very innovative approach. It has been and still is in the process of changing the educational pattern. It is no more a stickler for traditions.

One of the many innovative steps of CBSE is the introduction of ‘Problem Solving Assessment’. It is compulsory for students of class 9 and 11, while the students of class 10 and 12 are also encouraged to take this test. When you step into class 9, which is not very far off, you have to take the PSA test. So don’t you think you should press on the preparation button right away?

What is assessed through Problem Solving Assessment?

  1. 1. Creative Thinking 2. Decision Making     3. Critical Thinking       Problem Solving   5. Communication

What are these skills and how do they help?

All of us fortunately possess these important skills which, knowingly of unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, we apply everyday in our life. When we study, play, travel or walk on the road, we use these very skills, By practice, by solving puzzles, by applying our learning and our knowledge in various situations, we develop these skills.

Why do we need to learn these skills at an early age?

It is never too early to learn anything. You have to take exams, such as ‘Olympiad’, ‘National Talent Search Exam’ and many other exams. This book will prepare you, directly or indirectly, for all such exams and the bigger exam of, life itself.

It may prove to be a boon for the young scholars and may help the honourable members of the teaching faculty to guide these ever-eager-to-learn and inquisitive students.

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