Mentor in Economics Class-XI

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About the book

Mentor in economics -Class XI is a reference book which is strictly based on the revised CBSE syllabus and the NCERT book. The content of the book has been written in a language which is easily to comprehend and learn. Real life examples, diagrams and flow charts have been used in all the chapters to facilitate conceptual understanding. It also provides chapterwise  ready notes which will allow the students to prepare well for their CBSE board examination.

The teaching experience of more than 10 years has helped me better understand the academic needs of the students. I have used this experience to design the book in a manner that will address the students academic concerns effectively.

Salient Features of the book :

  • Strictly based on the revised CBSE syllabus and NCERT book.
  • Content explanation with real-life examples.
  • Chapterwise ready notes/content for examination (Simple language, easy to comprehend and learn)
  • Diagrams and flow charts for better conceptual understanding.
  • Definition of key terms and sequence of events.
  • Case study-case/source based integrated questions along with answers (as per CBSE sample question paper).
  • NCERT questions (with answers).
  • Previous years  CBSE questions (with answers).
  • Objective type questions-Assertion and reasoning questions , MCQs, True/False, Fill in the blanks , Match the following.
  • Additional Questions (with answers).

i am thankful to my mentor Dr. Ashok Pandey (Director, Ahlcon group of Schools) for guiding me throughout in this process. He has always provided me with immense opportunities of professional growth. His words of wisdom and valuable feedback has always motivated me to do my best.

I extend my regards to Mr. Sanjay Yadav (Principal, Ahlcon International School) for providing me with an environment which facilitates professional growth and development. He has always been very kind and supportive of my endeavors. His guidance and suggestions are reflected in the form of value addition in the content.

I am highly obliged to Mr. Puneet Duggal (HM, Senior Section, Ahlcon International School) for all his support and words of encouragement. Being an Economics Teacher himself, he has always encouraged me to innovate the Teaching of Economics. His brilliant suggestions and ideas have shaped my thought process which is reflected in the form of this book.

My knowledge and abilities to be a teacher in Economics would not have been possible without the lessons which I have learnt from My Economics Teacher, Ms. Garima Madan (PGT Economics, The Mahavir School). It was her teaching methodologies which has curated my interest in the subject.


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