Laboratory Manual Chemistry Class- XII


4th Edition

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About the book

The book “Laboratory Manual Chemistry” has been written according to he CORE syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and N.C.E.R.T for class 11th of the 10+2 system.

It is experienced that the students do the experiments without any scientific insight and thinking required for just appreciation of what they are doing. Therefore, an attempt has been made to discuss the basic principles before giving the description of each experiment. However, keeping in view the limited time available to the students, the matter has been made comprehensive but enough informative to enable the students to do the experiments successfully and confidently. The book is supposed to cover all the problems faced by students in doing experiments as it has been designed after very fruitful discussions with many of the respected teachers working in various schools of the country.

The book also includes an introductory account of safety rules for working in the chemical laboratory and laboratory discipline besides the knowledge of certain basic operations like cutting and bending of glass tube, drawing jets, boring holes in cork, cleaning of glass apparatus, making the apparatus alright etc. Oral questions with answers pertaining to each experiment and its underlying principles have been compiled to help the students for preparing the viva-voce examination. I hope my brother teachers in various schools and students will approve this effort of mine, but still if they feel that the book can be made more informative, their suggestions are highly welcomed and will be duly acknowledged.

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