Laboratory Manual Biology Class- XII


9th Edition

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It gives us great pleasure in presenting the ninth edition of “LABORATORY MANUAL BIOLOGY” for students of Class XII.

The present book Laboratory Manual Biology for the students of Class XII is thoroughly revised and written strictly in accordance with latest syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Several amendments and additions have been incorporated in this edition on the basis of syllabus, and actual need of students and teachers performing experiments in the laboratory. Each practical is written in order to provide sufficient information in the form of theory, procedure for performing the experiment supplemented with suitable illustrations and precautions required for the experiment. The given illustrations are close to the actual pictures as they appear during the experiments. Viva Voce questions are framed at the end of each experiment. All attempts have been made to incorporate all the suggestions and actual need of students to equip them better into present edition of the book.

This book is divided into three parts, Part A has two units: Unit I pertains to Major Experiments and Unit II includes Minor Experiments. Part B has two units: Unit I pertains to slide preparation and Unit II pertains to spotting experiments. Part C has investigatory and non-investigatory projects.


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