Lab Activities In Mathematics (with practical life)Class VIII


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About the book

Teaching Mathematics in High School for the past 25 years made me realise that around 50% of the students are affected by Maths anxiety. These students do not understand concepts deeply enough because they avoid the Mathematics subject due to fear of poor performance. In order to ensure that our students learn mathematics with a sense of joy, creativity and delight, we need to provide real exciting experiences to them. When our students are able to relate concepts learnt by them to life oriented activities, they will not only be interested but also their minds will be free of the dreaded syndrome called ‘Maths phobia or Maths anxiety’. Now that the NEP 2020 also proposes to set up ‘Activity Based Learning’ where learning is hands-on and experimental.

I have developed a set of Maths activities for classes 6 to 10, which are fun-filled n engrossing. The learners thus learn to use their critical thinking, imagination and creativity to establish connections between the concepts and construct new knowledge. Activities from almost all the topics in the ICSE course have been included in the book. These activities may be performed individually or in small groups. Students are required to record the readings in the record book provided.

I believe that the skills that children can learn and enhance through Maths activities have knock-on benefits in other areas of learning too. These activities can help children’s problem solving skills, logical thinking, mental fluency, perseverance and also their ability to cope with failure.

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