Integration of Arts in Pedagogy- 2


Karuna Verma


1st Edition

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Avichal Publishing Company






About the book

Over the years, masters have defined ‘Art’ in a variety of ways and phrases. It plays an important role in making us more thoughtful, creative and well rounded humans. It has such power over all of us that we all react emotionally to it. The level of difficulty of the artwork and chapters in this series is determined and compiled based on the students’ expectations for specific classes. It is strictly in accordance with NEP 2020, which has primarily focused on the need for no hard separation of subjects and the need for Art Integrated Learning.

This isn’t just a collection of books like other conventional books; it’s a whole new welcoming environment. It’s prepared under the complete step guidance and expertise of Ms. Karuna Verma, Principal, SAM International School, on how art can be integrated into education with the onset of changes brought about by NEP 2020. Her experience of more than three decades and expertise in the filed of education has helped to take this series to a new level, where students and teachers both can connect with its aesthetic approach and holistic touch.

This series is the result of extensive research of Ms. Shalini Malik and Ms. Pratibha Verma, School Art Faculty, with the help of subject teachers, for specific classes, and was created to make studying different concepts as simple and joyful as having fun. Each and every topic has been thoroughly addressed, both theoretically and practically.

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