I.S.C. Practical Physics (Including Viva Voce) Class- XII

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Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)


5th Edition

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About the book

Last two decades have witnessed a sea change in the field of study of science, technology and their applications. The use of Computers, Information Technology and progress in communication, messages, photographs and of course our voice can reach the other end of globe within a few moments. Now all over the world there is a mad competition to probe the other planets.

The success of all stated above, depends on the validity and relevance of curriculum for the upcoming generation of future scientists and technologists. The Council for ISC Examinations has been aspiring hard to achieve the above mentioned goals through its syllabus.

The study of history of science reveals the fact that experimental investigation forms the foundation of the growth and development of science. Project work and open ended experiments by students are quite important for understanding the principles of science. Performing experiments by one’s own hand is, however far more important, because it involves ‘learning by doing’.

J.B. Andre Dumas once remarked ‘If I had to live my life again, I would always remain in my laboratory for the greatest joy of my life to accomplish original scientific work’.

It is needless to emphasize that for a real scientific training of a growing mind, a genuine laboratory practice is a must.

Some salient features of the manual are a follows:

  1. The language used is simple, lucid and easily understandable by students.
  2. Fundamentals and basic concepts underlying various experiments have been thoroughly explained.
  3. The procedural steps to be followed in various experiments have been systematically and logically arranged.
  4. Graphs and diagrams have been accurately drawn and properly labelled.
  5. Specimen Viva Voce questions along with their answers are given at the end of a group of experiments and projects. The list of such questions may be unending but these are the usual type of questions asked at the time of practical examination.

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