I.S.C. Practical Chemistry Class- XI

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4th Edition

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About the book

ISC PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY book is meant for the students of class XI. This book has been revised strictly according to the newly revised syllabus of ISC Board.

In this edition we have dealt with basic laboratory techniques (namely, cutting a glass tube, bending a glass tube, drawing out a glass jet and boring a cork), qualitative analysis to identify one cation and one anion in the given salt, acid-base titration involving molarity, preparation of inorganic compounds and paper chromatography.

Salient Features of the Book

  • Basic concepts related with experiments.
  • Step-wise experimental procedure.
  • Properly labelled diagrams.
  • Detailed observation tables.
  • Result, conclusions, analysis, interpretation and discussion wherever applicable.
  • Necessary precautions to be actually observed  during the course of the experiment.
  • Questions for viva voce arranged in the form of discussion between the examiner (E) and the student (S).
  • Sample experiments on the examination patterns.


The author wish to express their heartfelt thanks to:

  • The publishers M/s Arya Publications for their active cooperation and coordination in bringing out the revised edition of the book.
  • The press Laser Tech Prints for providing flawless proofs.
  • Dr. Ram Sharan, Hindu College, Delhi University for providing guidance at various stages during the revision of this book.
  • Mr. Pradeep Kumar Loyalka , Mr. Ajay Kumar and Dr. Meenu Srivastava for their constructive and useful suggestions.
  • Kartik, Mayank, Ananya, Shreya, Shravya, Advay, Atulya,Manav and Himanshi who cooperated with the authors to complete their work.

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