Graded English Grammar and Composition – VII


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Traditionally, English grammar book has been considered to be a book of rules and principles. Learning rules by rote does not help children to understand the fundamentals of grammar. They are best learnt by examples and practice.

To a student who is born and brought up in his own tradition and environment, English language poses its own problems. Consequently, in order to create a homely atmosphere to learn English, the study of English grammar should not only be devoid of technicalities but it should also be conductive to his taste and tradition.

Keeping in view all these facts, it has been our endeavour to present the fundamentals of English grammar in a functional way. Graded English Grammar and Composition has been prepared in the form of a series, written in detail and developed to correlate the teaching of English grammar with daily activities and the environment of the students.

In order to ensure that the elements of grammar once learnt are engraved permanently in the minds of students, a number of exercises and examples have been added to each chapter. The exercises are based on the latest trend of the objective type questions like multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, error finding, etc. which help students to become confident and fluent users of English.

To make comprehension easier, the series has been written using simple vocabulary. However, content for each grade has been prepared according to the learning capacity of the students.

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