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The man exploited and plundered the natural resources to the hilt, to meet the growing demand of his ever increasing population without caring for the adverse effects, his actions would have on the environment. The result was untold damage to the ecosystem, causing-shortage of fresh and pure water, pollution of air and food laden with poisonous chemicals. Until recently, it was generally believed that human activity caused local or at the most regional environment change, but it is not so. The effect of adverse human activity is fell all over the world.

The global community has now become aware of the environmental crimes in the face of growing ecological imbalance. A worldwide strategy id to be adopted to save the earth and to find out ways and means for proper and equitable distribution of our natural resources so that they remain sustainable, and at the same time enough of them are left for the future generations.

It is the concern for the environment that prompted Honourable Supreme Court of India to make mandatory for all the educational agencies of the country to teach environmental education as a compulsory subject from classes I-XII for creating awareness in the student community about the various issues concerning the environment.

Keeping in view the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court, CBSE, prepared a curriculum on the guidelines of NCERT for the implementation of environmental education in schools. The curriculum is to be implemented compulsorily in all classes in all the affiliated schools of CBSE.

It is in this context that this book has been prepared for Class X students of CBSE affiliated schools. The main aim of the authors has been to develop awareness about the environment, components of environment, their interrelationships and impact on each other. The authors have taken care to bring before the students the various environmental problems facing us and how they affect the quality of life. Efforts have also been made to make the students realize their responsibility for protecting and conserving the environment. The authors would feel amply rewarded if after going through the book, the students develop love, sensitivity and responsibility towards the forms of life which are part of this biosphere.

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