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2nd Edition

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We are fortunate to be living on this unique planet called Earth. We have been gifted with fresh air, plants and streams of pure water. Besides this, earth also contains important metals and fuels necessary for the technological growth.

However, with growing population and our irresponsible attitude, we have been plundering these precious resources and have caused immense damage. So much for the bad news, but the good news is that awareness and concern for environmental issues is growing all over the world. Nobody wants to breathe polluted air or drink contaminated water.

The series on Environmental Education is a humble effort in familiarising young students with their surroundings and enabling them to view the same with a sense of care and responsibility. Sensitivity to various components of environment and our relationship with each of these is extremely important.

It has been my earnest endeavour to deal with various environmental issues keeping in mind the student’s knowledge of related subjects such as Science and Social Studies. Besides facts as they are, I have also provided a list of study to be done as project reports’ work. However, these are guidelines only.

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