Case Studies Mentor in Business Studies Class- XII


7th Edition

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Keeping in view the overwhelming response to the previous editions from both students and teachers, I present the new edition of this book with great pleasure to all budding entrepreneurs, Commerce students of Class XII Business Studies.

In the year 2015, CBSE introduced changes in the pattern of Business Studies paper is now considering the demands of the changing times. Almost 60% of the paper is now analytical consisting of application-based, hot’s and evaluation based questions and doesn’t test the students on just remembering and understanding. In simple words, there is a greater emphasis on the case-study based questions which on one hand seek to provide an insight to the students into the various managerial issues and problems related to the present business scenario and on other hand it helps to enhance their knowledge and skills in meeting such challenges effectively.

This book contains relevant case studies with solutions to equip the student who are always on a look out for a ‘magic wand’ which will enable them to attempt the case-study based questions easily.

In this edition besides flowcharts, mind maps have also been added in the beginning of each chapter which will enhance the holistic view of the content therein. In order, to facilitate quick revision, an exhaustive list of clue words has also been provided and all the sub topics in the syllabus have been regrouped in an innovative way.

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  1. Pawan Kumar

    Best book for class 12th

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