Business Statistics Semester IV of BBA (2nd year) (K.U. & C.D.L.U. Sirsa)


1st Edition


Ruchi Sharma, S.C. Sharma, Veena Jain

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Arya Publications






About the book

Some features of book are:

  • Each chapter of the book has been sub-divided into several parts and exercise of practical questions has been given after each sub-part for the convenience of the students.
  • Exercise questions have been arranged in the following order:
  • Practical questions after each sub-parts of the chapter, however, given after the completion of each chapter.
  • Practical questions based on the complete chapter have been given again in the mix order thereafter so as to ensure complete understanding of the chapter by the students.
  • Short answer type questions both Theoretical and Practical have also been given.
  • The readers of the book will find perfect accuracy with regards to formulae and answers of the questions given in the exercises.
  • Question paper of 2011 has been given at the end.
  • Questions of B.B.A. and B.Com II for the last several years of K.U. and M.D.University have been included in the illustrations as well as in the exercise questions.
  • The exercises of Chapter on Probability, Hypothesis Testing of Large and Small Samples, Chi-square (X2) have been fully solved in the appendices. The students are advised to use them as a matter of last resort.
  • Computation of statistical techniques with Microsoft Excel has also been given in Chapter 8.
  • We hope that the book will prove useful to both students and teachers. Suggestions for the improvement of the book will be warmly acknowledged.

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