Applied Mathematics, Class-XI

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4th Edition

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About the book

Salient features of the book

  • The subject matter had been treated systematically and presented in a coherent and interesting manner.
  • The theory has been explained in simple language and includes many examples from real life situations. Emphasis has been laid on basic facts, concepts, terms, principles and on the application of various concepts.
  • Carefully selected examples consist of detailed step-by-step solution. A number of solved examples are included in each section so that the students are well prepared to tackle all the problems given in exercises.
  • An attempt has been made to make the book user friendly-matter is well spaced out and given in a bigger type size. Also, the matter has been divided into sections and subsections so that the students can learn at their own pace.
  • Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank Questions have been framed in a manner such that they holistically cover all the concepts covered in the chapter and also, prepare students for the competitive exams.
  • Assertion-Reason Type Questions along with Case Based/Source Based Questions as per CBSE Questions Paper pattern have been added at the end of the book.


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5 reviews for Applied Mathematics, Class-XI

  1. Esther bhomare

    It’s is very helpful thank you so much

  2. Agrima maheshwari

    Best book

  3. Agrima maheshwari

    Nice book for applied maths

  4. Jayasilan P

    Nice Book for Applied Mathematics

  5. manish mahajan


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