Mentor in English Core (In Question Answer Form) Class-XI


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It gives us pleasure in presenting Mentor in English Core for students of Class XI. The book prepared strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus issued by the CBSE.

The main objective of the book is to provide students with ideal guidance and preparing them to pass the examinations with flying colours. It has been written keeping in mind the higher-order language skills required in grades XI and XII.

Section A contains 20 unseen passages and 10 case based passages to test reading comprehension and 25 passages for note-making and summarizing. Detailed guidelines and useful tips have been given to enable the students to attempt these questions in the examination. The format corresponds to the questions asked in the annual examination.

Section B contains writing skills and grammar. Grammar deals with determiners, tenses, clauses, modals and voice. It also contains passages for error correction, omission, transformation and reordering of sentences. This portion has been explained in a very lucid and simple manner and a variety of examples have been given for a thorough understanding.

Writing skills include-Advertisements, Posters, Speeches and Debates.

Section C contains summary of all the lessons of the textbooks Hornbill and supplementary reader Snapshots. The meanings of difficult words have also been given to understand the lessons thoroughly. The answers have also been provided for the questions asked in the texts. Moreover, a large number of additional short answer and long answer questions with answers have been provided on the same pattern as asked in the examination. Extrapolatory questions at the end of each chapter have also been incorporated.

Section D deals with Internal Assessment which includes-listening and speaking skills based on factual or discursive passages. A number of passages are project work.

The language used and style followed will rise to the expectations of young scholars. We sincerely feel that the book will be of great use. It is hoped it will guide the students and will be appreciated by them.

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