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About the book

 A Step Ahead: ICSE Social Studies is a series of Social Studies books for classes 3 to 5. This series is based on the latest curriculum and syllabus of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

This series introduces the learners to their past through their heritage, family system, changes around them, national and cultural events on the basis of evidences and varied sources to help them make a connection with the present.

This series has been designed to present the concepts in a simple yet engaging manner. Each chapter has exercises and activities that would make learning more meaningful and enable the learners to make connections with the wider world.

Features of the series:

  • Warm Up: Lead-in to the chapter by taking the children from the known and familiar to the unknown and unfamiliar
  • Let’s Do: In-next activities to assess the grasp of the concept
  • Let’s Talk: In-next discussions for the class
  • Did You Know?: Snippets of information based on the concept but beyond the text
  • Points to be Noted: Recapitulation of the important points covered
  • Words to Know: Meaning of new and unfamiliar words
  • Think and Discuss: Covers application based questions that motivate students to think critically beyond the syllabus
  • Life Skills: Integrate various skills as enunciated in the syllabus
  • Creative Work: Activities to facilitate the learners to express the concepts learnt
  • Project Work: Integrates activities to reinforce the topic learnt
  • 360 Holistic Progress Card: Provided for every chapter at the end of the book

Additional features:

  • 21st Century Skills comprising Learning Skills, Literary Skills and Life Skills as envisioned in the NEP 2020 are duly incorporated
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are addressed by way of embedded tasks, projects and activities in the chapters

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