A Journalist Reflects on Eminent Governors, Editors and Politicians

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This is a book of memories. Memories spread over nearly four decades. Memories recalled by the author — without reference to recorded diary or other notes– while working in Southern, Western, Northern and Eastern India, including Karachi before independence. These memories are based on observing, working and interacting with a wide range of eminent people from various professions.

Independence and adoption of Westminster style of democracy saw Governors in the States being reduced to titular Heads. Yet, the first decade post-independence saw the appointment of some illustrious persons as Governors. The author recounts the varied style of functioning by the first four Governors of U.P.

The solid foundations of an Independent Press were laid by some of the stalwarts of the profession, who edited newspapers under difficult and trying conditions prior to Independence. This book brings out in vivid detail the sterling qualities of those Editors, under most of whom the author had worked.

Post-Independence, Uttar Pradesh has been the major fulcrum of the country’s political scene, accounting for the maximum number of seats in Parliament. In the process, the state has always thrown up several powerful and mercurial politicians, who have been a force to reckon with at the National level also. The author during the quarter of a century spent in the State had occasion to interact with important political leaders of that time. The authors accounts on some of them are reproduced in this book.


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