CUET-UG 2022 Section-II Mathematics

1st Edition ₹324

Authors: M.L. Aggarwal

Published by: Avichal Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-7739-817-5

The book CUET-UG/Mathematics is an attempt to provide complete preparation material in mathematics for the students appearing for CUET (UG)-2022. This book contains material for section A and Section B1. A separate book for Applied Mathematics containing material for Section A and B2 is prepared separately.

This book has been written with great care to ensure that students can confidently attempt 40 questions (out of 50) in given 45 minutes. Each chapter has a short synopsis covering all important concepts and formulae. Students can use that to revise the chapter, before proceeding with the questions.

MCQs have been framed in such a manner that the students holistically cover all the concepts of the chapter.

Solutions to all MCQ’s have also been given. Two Sample Papers (with answers) are also given at the end of the book practice. This will help students to analyse their preparation for examination.

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M.L. Aggarwal
M.L. Aggarwal retired from DAV College, Jalandhar in 1996 after teaching mathematics to students of classes XII to M.Sc. for more than three decades. He has written more than three dozen books for classes VI to XII based on ISC/ICSE and CBSE syllabi and for higher education. He was conferred with the Distinguish Author Award by the Federation of Educational Publishers in India in 2014.

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