MCQs in Mathematics, Term-I, Class-XII

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1st Edition ₹200

Authors: M.L. Aggarwal, Neeraj Raj Jain

Published by: Arya Publications

ISBN: 978-81-7855-910-0

Salient features of the book:

  1. It contains chapterwise questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions, Assertion-Reason Questions and Case-Based Questions.
  2. Every chapter has a short synopsis covering all the important concepts and formulae. Students can use that to revise the chapter, before proceeding with the questions.
  3. Multiple Choice Questions have been framed in a manner such that they holistically cover all the concepts of the chapter and also, prepare the students for competitive exams.
  4. Assertion-Reason Questions is a new category of questions which will help students understand the concepts more clearly.
  5. Case-Based Questions are thought-provoking questions which enable students to apply the concepts that they have learnt and find solutions.
  6. The book contains many questions beyond NCERT book and NCERT exemplar, so as to fully prepare students for various competitive exams.
  7. CBSE Sample Paper-2021-22 with answers has also been included in the book.


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By Gurpreet Kaur on Nov. 8, 2021


By Surbhi on Oct. 19, 2021

Excellent book just awesome

By Yogita on Oct. 3, 2021

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More about this book's authors

M.L. Aggarwal
M.L. Aggarwal retired from DAV College, Jalandhar in 1996 after teaching mathematics to students of classes XII to M.Sc. for more than three decades. He has written more than three dozen books for classes VI to XII based on ISC/ICSE and CBSE syllabi and for higher education. He was conferred with the Distinguish Author Award by the Federation of Educational Publishers in India in 2014.

Neeraj Raj Jain
Neeraj Raj, M.Sc., B.Ed., Jain started his career in 1996 as a teacher of mathematics at Lucknow Public School, Lucknow where he taught classes 6th to 12th. Later, he was promoted as the Head of Department in the same institution.
He worked for two and a half years as the vice principal of Chiranjeev Bharti School, Lucknow. Since December 2008, Jain has been teaching Mathematics at LRSS Inter College (Banthra), Lucknow (after being selected by U.P Intermediate Education Service Selection Board).
Neeraj Raj Jain also guides and prepares students for different engineering entrance examinations.
He can be reached at

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