Biochemistry and Nutrition for B.Sc. Nursing

1st Edition ₹350

Authors: S K Gupta

Published by: Avichal Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-7739-602-7

This book is written with the objective of providing a concise, comprehensive and easily understandable course material to the nursing students. The course covered is according to the recommendations of the Nursing Council of India.

The salient features of the book are as under.
• The subject matter in each chapter has been organised to help in concept building and easy understanding.
• The course material is organised and presented in a point wise manner for easy remembrance and recapitulation.
• Large number of flow diagrams, figures, tables have been added for illustration and easy comprehension of the subject.
• Common confusing terms, concepts and facts etc are highlighted in separate coloured boxes for clarity at appropriate places in the chapters.
• Clinical relevance of the basic biochemical and nutritional aspects is also highlighted as coloured boxes titles clinical focus in various chapters. This re-enforces the use of basic subject knowledge in patient care.

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